Winter Base Layer (video)

Today will be a double-hit media blitz for some of you hapless creatures.  Not only is there a new video, but I’m sending out the first edition of my newsletter this afternoon.

The Video

I was going to do a jacket video but figured I may as well start from the inside out, so today’s video is on my favorite winter base layer.  Coming next will be the jacket video and then one on winter accessories, but for now, top and tights is the focus.

Like last time, this’ll send you to YouTube in hopes you can give me a few ratings and/or comments.

If you want one of the mocks, you can find the largest selection of colors at Eastbay: mens or womens.  Btw, a couple folks have asked what size I wear in those, which is a good question.  UA runs small so while I wear Small in every other manufacturer, I buy my UA tops in Medium.  So keep that in mind.

The Adidas Supernova Brushed Tights are last year’s model so they’re getting hard to find, though Holabird has them on closeout for men for only $39.95 in all sizes.  Even without the exact items, you get an idea of what to wear out there in the elements.  Also, for the record, I don’t wear those 2 pieces only or I’d be pretty damn stinky.  I own duplicates of both items and various other tights and half-zips, but these particular pieces are my favorite combo of all.

The Newsletter

Oooh, scary, sending my first one out today.  Just wanted to give you subscribers a heads-up that I’ve changed the email it’s coming from to the new URL ( without the dashes) so if, when you signed up, you found the confirmation email in your spam folder and had to mark it as “not junk”, you’ll likely need to do it again with this new address.  Sorry about that.

OK, hope you don’t get sick of so much Floness in one day.  Later, kids!

41 thoughts on “Winter Base Layer (video)

  1. Jim E

    Oh, hapless creatures, woe is us! Bombarded by the Flo media machine….
    Hey wait, this isn’t unpleasant at all. Keep it coming!

    At work right now, so have not yest clicked to see you presumably cavorting in your undies. See you later (so to speak).

  2. Karyn

    pantyhose? kind of genius. and i have a love/hate relationship with the mock tops. i love that they keep my neck warm but i hate having something around my neck as well. and i totally tuck my tops into my tights too. :)

    p.s. i am loving the videos. very informative and i feel like i retain the information better than reading something.

    have safe running! you guys have just been getting hammered with the snow!!

    1. Flo Post author

      I also have some half-zips I really like which gives you the option of opening when you get hot, but for the temps I wear the mock in, it doesn’t bug me.

      You are SO sweet to tell me the videos are actually informative. I do these things wondering why anyone would care which is probably why they’re all outtake quality (without the choice of having a proper take to choose from, lol).

      I told my friend Lara that if I was younger doing these, I’d have been very anal about it, very scripted and memorize everything but now, I just want to wing it and have fun. So I end up stuttering and searching for words more than I’d like but hey, no one’s paying me…so I can! :D

    1. Flo Post author

      First off, I owe you $5 for leaving that great comment on Youtube, totally put a grin on my face. You’re the cutest.

      The path was horrible! It was crazy out there today, like a movie and I was out late, too, like 2pm. The boathouse path was a thick sheet of ice so I got a few steps in, said screw it and went the other way. I ended up doing 11mi by going back and forth on the Riverwalk side then up the ramp to the museum and around the parking lot. Probably got a better workout for it, quasi hill reps on the ramp, lol.

      Did you go on the boathouse path? I was wondering if it got better as it went but wasn’t willing to find out.

      1. Christine

        Hey! It was good to finally see you again today. I feel like I haven’t seen you since the marathon and for a while we were passing paths like every other day.
        Oh and the river path DID NOT get any better!!! I made it to the Columbia Bridge and turned around. Not only was there only a few footprints, but the turtle-slow “cross country” skiers were occupying them, lol. You know its bad when there was over a 3 minute/mile difference in my pace.

        1. Flo Post author

          Great seeing you too – so right, it’s been forever! I almost said something about the crappiness of Kelly drive but you were kicking it, so I thought you’d succeed wherever you were headed. You’re good to have gotten as far as you did. If nothing else, it must have been a great workout for your butt and thighs, lol. And yes, how funny the number of skiers there were today, it was like being in Colorado or something.

      2. runforlife20

        it got ten million times worse the further you went. I was just stepping in a foot of snow…it was like they didn’t even try to clean anything. I was pissed but then I decided to go through the city for 8 miles

        1. Flo Post author

          Good on you for gutting it out as much as you did. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, hopefully they’ll clean it but with the amount of snow around the city, I could see them leaving it another day.

  3. Joe Garland

    Every runner responds to the weather in her own way. (Yeah, I’m going to run Tolstoy into the ground, or onto a train track at least). Best advice is to experiment to see what works when, with the mantra “be cold (or chilled) when you start.” Plus stuff — hat, gloves, mittens — that you can take off as you go, tucking them (as every non-newbie knows) into the waistband. I wear gardening gloves (6 pairs for $3) and if it’s really cold I’ll put mitten shells over them to protect my fingers. Never start into the wind, be careful on ice (or, better, avoid it).

    Other great items: arm warmers for when it’s between long- and short-sleeve and compression shorts for when it’s between shorts and tights.

    1. Flo Post author

      Totally right. Cold weather accessories (gloves, arm warmers, hats and gaiters) will be coming up after the jacket video. There is method to this madness…

          1. JoeGarland

            Think Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint on the Twentieth Century for that is a movie whose title comes from the Shakespeare quotation that ends, “When the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw.”

            Extra credit: Saint says, “I never make love on an empty stomach,” but it didn’t get past the censors. The final, dubbed line, “I never discuss love on an empty stomach,” doesn’t sync with her lips.

  4. Preston

    I have one pair of tights I think, I usually wear them… maybe… 4 times a year. One nice thing about Birmingham, AL… it doesn’t get cold. I find a long sleeve shirt, gloves, hat, and shorts get me through most of the winter. We do however get some early mornings that are in the teens, but for the most part low 30’s is all we get for lows.

    1. Flo Post author

      I’m so jealous. This is our worst winter since I’ve been running. Your summers must suck though, huh? Humidity and all. I mean, Summer pretty much sucks everywhere for running but it’s only fair that you have at least one season to suffer through. :)

  5. RJR

    The newsletter was fun. Why is the RAK Half the most competitive? Is that overall, or in the elite field?

    And, the Macbook Wheel is hilarious. I love The Onion.

    1. Flo Post author

      Wow, Robert, thanks! Didn’t you just brighten up my evening? Nobody’s unsubscribed yet, so that’s a good sign. :D

      Here’s a full article on the RAK Half. No kidding, I saw that and thought “Wonder if Robert gets some ideas about this one, maybe after Badwater”. Seems like your sort of adventure.

    1. Flo Post author

      I loved that episode! And at 105, you must rip your skin off and remove a spleen. Then you can run comfortably.

    1. Ewen

      Good try Joe, but Samantha looks a little overdressed for 90F on the beach at Byron Bay… and unusually, not a bikini-babe or new-age hippie in sight. At least with Global Darkening now proven our propensity for skin cancer will be solved.

      One for Al Gore here… Canberra ‘enjoyed’ its record highest average daily maximum temperature in January – 31.6C (89F). The hottest day was a snowstorm melting 39.1C (102F).

  6. LA Runner

    Hahaah- “sausagey” was hilarious. I love your videos mostly b/c you make me smile. You and I are so much alike b/c we love to laugh at ourselves! Also, I thought I was the ONLY one that tucked the base layer in. I get that ride-up thing, too. I blame it on small waist and big butt- hourglass figure.

    1. Flo Post author

      Agreed about the hourglass being the culprit. Fun to see the tucker-inners coming out in the comments here. I just love how nobody is alone is this world, there’ll always be someone with the same quirk, even if it’s as mundane as tucking a running top in. :-)

  7. Stev

    Flo- Chris and I sunggled together with the dog last night and watched your video it was our “Flo Time”. You cracked me up!!!

    However, you gave some great information. I love the base layer stuff although my go to base layer has been my Nike Pro shirts I got at Marshalls for 12.99 each.

    Keep the Flo Time comming!

    1. Flo Post author

      Lol, I’m honored to be hanging out with the Honakers during snuggle time. Yay on the Marshall’s find, I’ve gotten so much good stuff at Marshalls and TJMaxx. Heads up on your yahoo address, the newsletter bounced so I don’t want you to think you were ignored (disregard if this was a “give a guy your wrong number on a matchbook” trick).

      1. Stevi Honaker

        That sucks on the newsletter, boooo. I got the first one when I registered. Send me the email it is coming from and I will put it in my address book. That should keep it from bouncing in case it’s being treated as spam.

        1. Flo Post author

          Kinda weird, the bounce message says “This user doesn’t have a account” but you obviously do. I sent you an email from my computer just now, meanwhile must investigate what’s going on…

  8. Julie

    Love the video. The intro is very Diane Keaton. But…”crusty tights”? * Lisa Simpson shiver *

    Those original windpants look HUGE; more like windsails. I think you’ve slimmed down. I started in a pair of shiny polyester tights (not pretty on my 150+ lb frame at the time) that I think must have been in the movie “Xanadu.” Now I dress like one of the cool kids.

    I just sprang for some new tights too, since winter will never end and I’m doing doubles again. You’ve inspired me to do a review once I can get outside again.

    1. Flo Post author

      Lol, they do look big even though they’re Smalls. Maybe “video adds 10lbs” applies to empty pants, too. :-) Too funny about the Xanadu tights, I’m sure you look tres hot these days. Looking forward to the review!

  9. nyflygirl

    Great video!! Even after 6 years of running, I still find dressing for the winter weather is very trial-and-error, so I do enjoy seeing what others do to cope with dressing for it.

    I actually love the look of those UA tops, however when I have tried them on in the past I did find they were too compression-y…do you have to size up in those?

    I hated wearing tights at first-vanity reasons…now I don’t mind so much. I actually used to see how long I could hold out wearing shorts (actually once did wear shorts for a half marathon where the weather was in the low 30s!) but now I feel it’s smarter to have my legs “wrapped” when the weather gets cold. My favorite tip for really cold days-I’ll wear a running skirt (the kind with shorts, not briefs) over my tights…actually does work!!

    And can this winter please end some time soon?? :)

    1. Flo Post author

      Excellent point, I should have mentioned sizing in the video because someone else asked me about the UA tops. I wear Smalls for every other manufacturer but Under Armour (they just have to be different, huh?). My UA compression tops are Med. I’ll edit the main post with that.

      Lol, I totally understand the shyness about tights, I was so nervous the first time I wore some, you feel like your butt is totally hanging out, which I guess it is, but now I don’t care. ;-) Good idea with the running skirt, that’d add some warmth and be cute besides.

  10. Rinus

    WOW, Great video!.
    Nice how you make that movie and your old running outfit looks big!.
    Good perform whit smile and humour!.
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Kazz

    Okay, this freakette is all signed up for the newsletter now. Nice video…I don’t think I could keep a straight face for three minutes either.

    1. Flo Post author

      Thanks for signing up for the newsletter, you sweet freakette! :-) I’m happily surprised at how many folks are signing up, mucho fun.

      Congrats on the crazy Moab adventure, just reading about it now, can’t wait for the photos!

  12. Sara(MichiganMama)

    I am so glad I watched your winter gear review – your laughing fit was contagious, and believe me, it’s NOT easy to make me laugh these days. Thanks, my friend!

    1. Flo Post author

      Aw, sweet Sara, how I wish you were all in one piece right now, it kills me to have you in injury land. So not fair. I sure am glad you were able to get a chuckle though. Here’s some hugs too, while I’m at it (((((Sara))))).

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