Whip It Wednesday

This week started a little iffy; I tweaked my calf on Monday’s 15miler due, I think, to messing around with some new calf-raises the day before.  It started hurting more as the run progressed and though I stopped to try and stretch it out, it was one of those things that feel worse with a stretch, so I was not happy by the end of it.  Once home, I iced, elevated and compressed, plus ibuprofened and massaged.  The next day it was better but still there, so I did a recovery 9-miler@8:56.

I was disappointed because we had 2 days of better weather ahead and I had my heart set on doing my tempo one of those days.  But after the calf tweak, I figured I’d be lucky to get it in by the end of the week and have to skip my fartlek workout entirely.

This morning, however, it felt a lot better and because of the way the tempo was (1 hour easy, 30min@7:00) I figured I may as well play it by ear since that easy 1 hour would let me assess if the calf was up for it or not.  It wasn’t as cool as forecasted at 68 degrees w/dewpoint 59 but not too bad at all.

From the get-go, I felt really good.  It was still dark out because I had a job to get to at 9am, so that was a fun way to start.  My first mile was a usual slow warmup @ 8:49 but I ran the rest of the hour between 8:19 and 8:02s.  This was helped by a group of army or police guys who were all over the bike path making me want to pass quickly.  Once past, I was pleased see my heart rate for 8:02 was swell and figured “I only have to lower my pace by 1 minute”…so of course I would do the tempo.  As for my calf, I could feel it some but not enough that I felt it would be dangerous and plus, I could always stop if it got bad.  Towards the end of the easy section, I had slowed down to 8:15ish so I wouldn’t run out of gas prematurely.

My first mile was much slower than goal, as is my annoying habit, though it also included the bridge which doesn’t help, plus I didn’t do any strides, I just went into it.  Here’s how it went:
7:13, 6:56, 6:58, 6:57 and the last 3/4 mile @6:58 pace…so 4.75 mi (33min) @7:00 – right on target!  Then my last mile home was 7:58 for an average of 13miles@7:48.  My heart rate averaged a lovely 170 (81%HRR) for the tempo section.

My calf didn’t bother me at all on the tempo but came back after, though not in a worrisome way, it just needs more healing time, plus tomorrow will be easy, of course.  So there you have it, another minutia-filled tempo run.  Sorry about that, I know it’s a bore to read, though it’s wonderful to have as a detailed log entry for myself since my actual logs entries are as wordy as “Great run” or “Hot out, felt tired”.

To thank you for your patience, I’ll leave you with something I posted on the forums that cracked me up.  A ridiculous “Runner” preview of a TV show.  I found about 12 things worth laughing about so consider it a Where’s Waldo and see if you can come up with a bunch too.  And I’m not even talking about the fact that the ocean is on their right for most of it except for the few seconds when it’s on their left.  EDIT: here’s the forum thread that describes a few of the offending goodies.

Have a happy Hump Day, folks and I’ll see you back here later.

14 thoughts on “Whip It Wednesday

  1. dcv2002

    I tweaked my calf yesterday also. Not while running, but while walking from my car to my office building. Yes, I hurt myself walking. So, since I was at work, I just massaged it with my stick. Then, when I got home, I put on my compression sleeves. No ice, though.

    This morning I was scheduled to run 11. So since I didn’t want to risk getting stuck somewhere, I hit the TM. It was tight/sore when I got up and when I walked. But surprisingly, when I ran, it was non-existent. It still is sore, but I was surprised how I didn’t feel it when I ran.

    Luckily tomorrow is an easy 5 miler. Good luck with the calf.

    1. Flo Post author

      Good luck with yours, too! I also use the Stick for my calves, I can’t ever seem to get enough pressure on them with a foam roller.

  2. Steve/TTM

    Awesome run Flo and great news on the calf recovering. Those are some excellent tempo paces. A recovery run tomorrow to allow for some healing time is a wise choice. And now, I have Devo in my head……..”when a problem comes along, you must whip it”……..thanks!

  3. Joe Garland

    If you pass a guy, how often does he speed up to get ahead of you?

    In fairness to the show, it has had episodes where Hank has been out for a run before. Although something always happens when he does.

    1. Flo Post author

      Read here for a list of some of the ridiculousness. Here’s one: if she won the Boston marathon with a 2:20 (unusual body type for an Elite, no?) and they’re running her 10k pace, they’re running around 4:49s on the beach. LOL! Oh sure.

  4. AR

    Thank you for introducing me to that silly clip. Have you ever seen the reboot of Get Smart? (If you haven’t, don’t bother. I didn’t really watch it by choice.)

    There is a scene at the beginning where Anne Hathaway is running with yoga pants and a heavy shirt and an ipod and gets all annoyed when she has to stop. She claims shes a 4:50 miler or something absurd.It’s so…awkward. And stupid.

    Though one of my all time favorite bad running moments in tv/film (this might become a blog post…) is in the Billy Mills story. A reporter actually asks him “Billy, did you lose the race because you’re an Indian?”

    That kind of screenwriting makes Precious look downright subtle…

  5. Jim E

    Nice tempo Flo, and keep those minutia coming.
    Not sure if anyone else pointed this out, but he knew her name and Boston time, but did not recognize her. I’m pretty sure if I was out for a run and say, Desiree Davila blew by at sub-5 pace, I’d have a pretty good idea of who she was.

  6. Rebecca

    I haven’t checked out the clip yet, but your calf thingie is the reason I don’t do drills anymore. Seriously, I used to have this little routine of drills I did on the grass, but ended up injuring myself numerous times. It was crazy…

    Ok, on to the video. Rocking tempo, too, btw!!!!

    Edit: I just watched it. Haha. Was she wearing Sketchers??????????

  7. Ewen

    Wish I could see it. They won’t let me watch it now I’m out of America — was I that much trouble?!

    Good to hear the calf tweak is on the mend and you were able to get in the tempo run. BTW, Esined has a cool bike.

  8. bethp262

    Just now watched the clip–hilarious ,totally cheezy! They could have at least picked an actress without huge boobs or made it that she won the Boston marathon 10 years ago or something….would have been slightly more believable!
    (Also–made your pork crock pot recipe this week–love it! Will definitely put this into a regular rotation. Thanks!)

    1. Flo Post author

      Oh cool on the recipe! Hope you read the reviews and adjusted the salt, I didn’t mention that the recipe calls for too much.

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