Surgery Imminent

Not on my person…my shoes.  Or rather, a shoe.  It’s always one shoe, the right shoe, to be exact.  This time, my lovely Kinvaras are giving me a hotspot on my right pinky toe, so I’m going to give it a week, trading off with my Elixirs, and if my toe doesn’t get hardened to the rub, seam ripper and scissors, here I come.

I’ve been operating on my running shoes for quite some time now, so I thought I’d give you a tour of my previous operations so if you ever have a troublesome shoe, this might give you some guts to go in and make your own modifications.

The first shoes I ever chopped into were my Mizuno Inspire 4s.  Great shoes, except on the right one, the plastic trim was keeping the shoe tighter across my foot than was comfortable, so I took a seam ripper (necessary tool if you’re going to cut stitches), opened up the side of the shoe and trimmed off the plastic that goes down to the sole.  Worked perfectly and I did it for every pair I bought afterwards.

The next shoe I operated on were the Inspire 5s, though this time, in a different place.  I remember running in my first pair and doing hills and the knuckle of my big toe kept jamming on the pretty piping trim, though I didn’t realize it at the time, I thought I had a stress fracture (at the time, I thought every ouch was a potential stress fracture).  I suffered for about 10 days with my foot killing me, making donuts out of moleskin to protect the area, but it wasn’t till I sat down and thought about it, that I realized it was the damn trim.  So I took some scissors and snipped right though it; fixed it like magic, made more room for my foot and no more jamming.  Did that for each of the numerous pairs I had in that series.

Now with the Kinvaras, it’s a little more difficult because the rubber part that’s rubbing isn’t stitched, it’s glued, which means this’ll be another scissor job.  It’s always a little scary the first time you attack a pair of shoes, but since the alternative is not wearing them at all, it’s worth it.  And it’s not like you change the structure of the shoe with a snip or a cut, it’s just a small thing but it makes all the difference in the world. Still, I’ll give it a week and if my toe doesn’t get used to it, that white rubber bit is getting snipped.

Hot Speed
Oh summer, how I hate ye for runnin’.  I set my alarm for 6:15 so I could get out at 7 for a speed session (need my morning coffee first) but still got stuck in 78 degrees with 66 dewpoint.  The one treat I gave myself is instead of starting at 2.5 miles, I started at 1.75 (which meant less slogging home). Workout was the usual lately: 6x.5mi w/90 sec rec’s.

Took it by effort, averaged 6:46 pace, splits were 3:26, 3:21, 3:23, 3:22, 3:26, 3:24.  I refused to think about the pace as it related to any sort of race pace, focusing instead on the fact that I got points for doing it and finishing it and that if I’m racing this summer, I should get used to manning up.  I was satisfied when it was over.

And with that, have a fab weekend folks.  Great racing to those braving the elements and I’ll see you back here next week.

19 thoughts on “Surgery Imminent

  1. LA Runner

    Thank goodness you are talking about shoes! Your title scared me! You are so brave to give the ‘surgery’ a try. Seems like you’ve known exactly what to do each time, too!

    I also hear ya about the heat. I finished my 20 miler this morning and it was 85*!!!???!!!! Seriously? It’s barely June! Drink up to rehyrate!

  2. Karyn

    your title scared me too! haha. i’d never even think to perform surgery on my shoes. even so i think that i’d be too scared that my expensive shoes would be ruined! haha

    1. Flo Post author

      Didn’t know they had retro qualities…yeah, I do believe they will be my everydays with Elixirs as my switching pair. Sad to think I’ll be done with Inspires, I’ve gone through 12 pairs of those.

      1. dogpound

        it’s just the color that makes me think in Madonna Holiday ways.
        Yes, I do believe I am going to be done with the 21XX very very soon. It’s time to move on. Though I have no idea what is next.

        1. Flo Post author

          Lol, true. It was during that time I did a show at the Pyramid Club called “Day-Glo with Flo”…the soles of these shoes qualify. Ah, memories. Good luck finding another shoe, it’s definitely time to move off those heavy mothers.

          1. dogpound

            oh my god, I love the Pyramid Club so much.
            yea, I don’t mind the weight so much because they always fit well/worked well. But now that they’ve gone and done god only knows what with them, moving it on it is. And since I weigh a lot less, I think I can go with a lighter shoe too. You know I’ll keep you posted and I just know you’re hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for an update.

  3. Kristin

    whoa! I am amazed that such little changes can make such a big difference in comfort, but then again, I always lace my shoes differently than the way they come in the store, so I guess that’s a similar thing.

  4. Lauren

    Hi Flo! De-lurking here. I have to say, I found your blog last year while searching for race results for the Running for Cover 5K (my first & only race thus far). I just wanted to say that you’re so helpful & inspiring… and I couldn’t NOT comment on today’s post, being that I am somewhat of a seamstress. I would NEVER have thought of cutting into my shoes, but I think it’s brilliant (and very brave)!! I’ll have to try it next time.

    Anyway, thanks for such great info, maybe I won’t be so quiet anymore :)

    1. Flo Post author

      Thanks Lauren! Love that you finally spoke up, hope you join in more often. As for the shoe modifications, I should have mentioned that you can always try it on an old pair first.

      Btw, Running For Cover is one 5K I won’t be doing this year (unshaded and piss-smelling) but check out my race schedule, maybe I can coerce you into doing another race soon. :D Funny enough, I also got another local web friend from that race, Steph, who posts here (and now her twin sis, Lindsey) so a good race for making friends. Stinky, though, lol.

      Just went to your blog…gorgeous eggs! Wow, you’re clever.

      1. Lauren

        LOL, yes, piss smelling for sure! I am doing it again this year since a friend of mine organizes a team in honor of her late husband. I did check out your race schedule, & believe it or not, I am doing the ING half on 9/19- very nervous, but equally excited.

        Oh, and thanks for your kind words about the blog- it’s a little defunct lately, but I appreciate you checking it out all the same :)

  5. Ewen

    I hope the post-surgery recovery is quick. I also hope men’s Kinvaras aren’t pink. I’ve cut a hole in the upper above the big toe of shoes before — stops black toenail :)

    1. Flo Post author

      Yay, a fellow doctor. I might have known you’d be at it with the scalpel as well. ;) Another common site is the back of the shoe where it hits the Achilles, I’ve heard people chop that down then cover it with duct tape.

      1. Ewen

        Yes, that’s a good one. Speedygeoff has done that.

        I’m in a holding pattern on the Kinvaras — they’re not available in Australia. Also, online, the US13s aren’t out until late July. Have also read some reports about quick wear on the soles. I’m not overly worried about that as most of my running is on dirt, but I’ll be interested to hear how yours go for wear.

  6. Steph

    Haha you got me with that title. scary thoughts raced lol. I’ve had some trouble with my mizuno inspire 5’s in that same spot. I may have to do what you did, though I’m not too fancy with scissors, but I guess it’s worth a try, well when I get back to running

  7. Jim E

    You tease, Flo, with that title. Most of my shoe surgery has involved adding moleskin pads in places. But none of my current shoes are modified. Lucky with my feet, I guess. Ewen, the mens Kinvaras are not pink. In fact there is a choice of colors.

  8. Jaymee

    And, I fell for it too! Nice job on the shoe mods. I don’t have hotspots, but I’m not sure I would think of surgery if I did. Good to have in my back pocket. Your muggy weather sounds icky. Reminds me that my choice to run a fall marathon means training in this freakin’ oven for the summer. Thinking cool thoughts for you.

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