Operation Toe Freedom A Success

I said I was going to take 2 days off but a cohort from the Sub3:20 thread was in town (Hi Matthew!) and I couldn’t pass up a chance to run with one of my imaginary friends.  Plus, my ankle was feeling right as rain, so I ran the mile downtown to meet him.

I’ve never run downtown except during a race when the streets are closed and I realized how blessed I am to have my river loop.  All that starting and stopping at stoplights and curbs was ridiculous…but a novel activity nonetheless.  Matthew was cool and easy to hang with, albeit hurting from having done a marathon just 2 days before, so we jogged recovery pace and then walked.

While my ankle felt fine, my right pinky toe (as mentioned in the shoe surgery post) was still smarting behind the Kinvara’s rubber trim so after I got home, I inspected the shoe to figure out a plan of attack.

The good surprise was that the mesh underlay is not connected to the rubber, so I was able to leave the liner intact.  Note: if you’d like to modify your shoes but aren’t knowledgeable about sewing or tailoring, you might want to consult a friend who is since they’ll understand construction, thus defacing them as minimally as possible.  Or practice on a spare pair.

Et Voila!  Looks crazy up close but you can’t tell it’s there otherwise.  Happiness restored.  My toe thanked me and told me we were going places together.  I believe her.

14 thoughts on “Operation Toe Freedom A Success

  1. Jenn

    Excellent job Flo! I am salivating over the Kinvaras–I think I must have them! Glad you found a solution. And I agree with dogpound, that picture with your coy little red manicured toes in the background is not going to go unnoticed on the interwebs.

  2. Chris

    Yet another shoe that I can’t wear because of my ginormic flippers. Congrats on freeing the little piggy!

  3. Karyn

    haha to that picture! i still think i’d be worried about totally effing up the shoes to actually try and cut mine. and YES to running when i’m in philly. i don’t know what my schedule looks like (knowing my luck i’ll be in training all day for all 3 days) but i’d love to try and work something out when i know more!

  4. Katherine

    That is so neat how you did that without cutting the interior! Great idea (real runners don’t let shoes hold them back; you’re dedicated!)

  5. Flo Post author

    Lol on the foot comments. I thought it looked kind of silly with my tanned legs and white foot, but if it can bring a fetishist or two some joy, my work here is done.

    1. Flo Post author

      Lol!! I’ll keep you guessing, but know that I have a major tan line from my running shorts…there’s lots more safe leg area beyond what is in the photo.

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