Neurologist Appointment

I feel sorry for my marathoning friends whose races were cancelled this weekend due to the storm, though I’m grateful as hell to Mother Nature for dumping her first snowfall on Philly yesterday.  Because of that, I was able to grab a cancellation spot today at my neurologist’s office.

I don’t have much to report yet, other than I really like him.  He spent nearly 2 hours with me and was super easy to talk with.  Interestingly, he thought my running video looked like Parkinson’s, though he said clearly I don’t have that.  Also interesting was that I was so focused on the running gait and the random constant itching episodes that I almost neglected to tell him the more “normal” MS-type symptoms (the feeling of water dripping down my leg, the phantom hair on my finger and some consecutive mornings waking up with pins and needles on my left arm). Once I told him that, he went from questioning the idea of MS, “though likely a spinal cord problem” to it suddenly becoming more likely.

I’m to get MRIs of spine and brain and possibly a spinal tap.  I’d love to get all this done now, but he suggested I wait till my new insurance starts in January since the tests will be way cheaper (thank you, Obamacare!). So, tests at the beginning of next month, then I’ll see him again on January 27th.

Aside from that, I have knee reflexes again which is heartening since they’d been completely absent before, though the blood pressure is still weirdly high so I guess I need to talk to my GP about that.  But the main thing is that I feel a zillion percent better for having talked to someone – my mind has been such a dark, scary hole these last few weeks.

And that’s it for now.  Have a happy holiday season, folks.  I wish you all peace in every shape, form and thought and I’ll see you in 2014!

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  1. Heidi Miller

    I’m so glad you were able to get in and I am hopeful that you will have some answers soon, hon.

    Heidi M.

  2. Runnermatt

    It is strange to say that everytime I have an itch in a hot shower I think of you?

    Hoping for the best

  3. Mark Fallon

    Information is power! Most importantly, you seem to have found a doctor you can trust. Important steps forward,

  4. Jackie

    Hi Flo,

    I am glad you got in to the doctor and he spent so much time with you. It sure sounds like you will have answers once they do the MRI, etc. I am so glad you are feeling better mentally. Louis and I hope the best for you during the holidays and in the coming year. XOXO Jackie

    1. Flo Post author

      Thank you, my dear darling Jackie. We’ll talk before the year changes over for sure (this week if you get a chance) and I promise I won’t be bawling when we do. :) Big kisses to you, Louis and Skye.

  5. Rachel

    I’m SO glad to read this, Flo. The neurologists I’ve had dealings with in my career have been, to a man (no women at all, which is odd but whatever), totally awesome dudes. It’s fantastic that you have found someone of that calibre. :)

  6. Nick

    Great to hear that the visit helped bring you out of that scarey hole! That’s no place for Flo-shine to be! Sounds like the new Doc is a good one, for both the attention at the visit and being concious of the increased insurance coverage in Jan.

  7. Allin

    Elated to hear u found what sounds like a great neurologist, a rarity. Usually neurologist & neurosurgeons fall way low on the bedside manner chart. Even better, u got an early appt – YAY. The gods are w/you. U got an instant bump up on my prayer list! I’m in ur corner rootin’ and tootin’ fer ya to be victorious whatever the outcome. Love to u, Flo.
    P.S. The body is capable of producing 700 different drugs, and body and mind are one!

  8. Ewen

    That’s great Flo. Sounds like you have a good doc there. All the best for when you see him again and for 2014 in general. Here’s to a good year!

  9. Tiffany Mattes

    My Mother was diagnosed with MS at age 25 and passed away 7 years ago from complications of it. Sadly the new great meds came to late for her. But growing up with her having it and seeing it. I must say you have every symptom she had: leg drop, sudden depression, word fumbling, extreme issues with heat, feeling like a hair is on her or crawling sensations. Watched your video and I saw the foot drop immediately. I know they have great meds now, I hope you get some clinical answers soon!

    1. Flo Post author

      Thanks so much for piping up and your words of support though I’m so very sorry to think of your mom suffering with it for so many years and that it was ultimately a player in her death. Such a crazy, messed up disease.

      1. Tiffany Mattes

        It really is. My parents were very involved in the MS Society so we had a huge support group. Amazed me how everyone was so different with the disease. My Mom had a very aggressive form, but many of her friends didn’t and are still alive and doing well today. I also know stress was a HUGE trigger for my Mom and her symptoms.

  10. Bhaputi / Dan

    Long time, no talk. Sorry to read about the issues you are having. Seeing as I have always been amazed at how much you kick ass as a runner, I am sure you will tackle this with the same gusto.
    Happy thoughts, and here is to a great 2014!

    1. Flo Post author

      Bhaputi! How sweet to see your name here. Thanks so much for the kind words and here’s to a wonderful 2014 for you too.

      1. Bhaputi / Dan

        I occasionally stalk your page, but have not posted anything in a while obviously. I will continue to watch for updates.

  11. Greenlee

    Hey Flo,
    Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and wishing that you find some answers soon. Having a doctor you like is really important and I wish you the best.

  12. Jim E

    What a dummy I am, posting to your previous entry. Good news on the doc, Flo, and hooray for the ACA. Hoping for more good news soon!

    1. Flo Post author

      Not a dummy at all! Big hugs, Jim, thanks for the support, it’s always cherished. Hope you have an excellent 2014. :)

  13. KimW

    Hi Flo, I don’t know when I first came across your blog, but I’ve had it bookmarked for some time. I am sorry to hear you are facing MS, but I think it is inspiring and want to encourage you to keep writing! I have run 3 marathons and had only begun any type of running after age 33, twelve years ago. I struggle with knee and joint issues throughout so actually had a 10 year break too, but am inspired by people like you to keep trying and resumed this year. I get this meticulous blog and almost obsessive measurement of body changes; I think every marathon runner really gets it. To me, your blog is a chronicle of how someone can deal, or try to understand, this limited human vessel we have borrowed for a mere short time. Your stories are amazing Girl in Motion! Your stories about dealing with MS will only be more inspiring! They are real life and make a difference! I know at times it will feel like you want to be in a pity party, but keep STRONG! Damn it, you’re running life’s marathon! Someone planted an unexpected fork in a road for a reason. You go girl! We are all cheering you on! You are loved by many! Kim Westra from Minnesota

    1. Flo Post author

      Kim, that is an absolutely adorable note, thanks so much for putting a big ole smile on my face. And congrats to you for getting back to running! I’m wishing you a complete dearth of knee and/or joint crap this time around. :) Cheers.

  14. KimW

    I can hear you are way beyond frustrated and devastated with really no answers to your health and symptoms. …but please know you ARE an inspiration and your life’s story is so important. Cry and kick some things! or more things! (P.s. I may have missed the total work-up history, but did they test for Lyme’s Disease? Actually do the test? I see a few talkings about it, but not if they did it.) Also, Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic is world renown if you are considering a second opinion.

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