I’ve been in a holding pattern the past few weeks, eagerly awaiting an appointment with an MS specialist. I’d scheduled two different doctors at 2 different hospital systems, playing the cancellation game for whoever would give me the soonest appointment.  So how wonderful to receive a call yesterday at 3PM from the doctor whose first available appointment was in July (I scheduled it in January!), asking if I could come in this morning. “YES!!!” And off I went…

The appointment was with a pair of doctors who were such a remarkable contrast to the previous doc that any guilt I had for thinking that guy was inept went out the window…that guy was seriously inept.  I walked out of today’s appointment with orders for a spinal tap, a cervical spine MRI, something called Evoked Potentials (it’s a collection of tests for nerve response that takes 3.5 hours) along with a boatload of blood tests.

These are all happening on April 24th though my follow-up appointment won’t be until May 29th. But despite this thing dragging on interminably, it’s an intense relief to feel I’m finally being properly investigated. Even if nothing definitive turns up (which could happen, the doctor said sometimes people just have stuff they can’t figure out) I’ll at least have a certain peace knowing all the bases were covered.

Interesting side note: today, March 28th, is exactly two years from the day I was initially admitted to the hospital for this thing. What symmetry is this?

In other news, I’m moving to Richmond, VA in the fall.  I had an epiphany while walking on my old river running route, which has become a bittersweet place for me now (more sad than sweet), that I don’t feel much of anything for Philadelphia. The only thing I really loved about it, aside from my friend Lara, was the river path and now that’s tainted, an ever present reminder of what I can’t do anymore, so it’s time to go.

Also, since I’m unsure as to how I’m going to progress physically, I’ve decided to set myself up to make all my income via the design biz. This way I can live anywhere as long as I have my desk and computer.  Add to that a cheaper city than Philly and I’m set.

Thus, I’ve been in turbo-design mode for weeks now, building up the business while having a great time doing it.  Because it’s fun! I get so excited by new ideas and what I’m finding is the more I work, the more ideas come to me. So this, along with the impending move, is a super bright spot in my life right now.

Back to the move, in February I posed a “where should I go?” question on Facebook with a specific set of parameters and got a wealth of great replies. Ultimately I decided on Richmond for a few reasons, it fulfills the “don’t need a car” parameter more than any of the other suggestions, rents are way better than Philly, the weather’ll be an improvement, and it’s a major river town (this is a huge bonus to me).  Not a deciding factor but a nice surprise, it appears Richmond has some voiceover work going on, though I’m not sure how much or how tight the scene is, it’s nice to know there are opportunities if I want to pursue it.

So that’s the story for now.  Moving forward inch by inch.

11 thoughts on “Movement

  1. Julie

    I’m happy to see that you’re finally working with people who may provide answers, and amazed at your ability to know when it’s time to move on and have the courage to do so. I suspect you’ll be happy in Richmond.

    1. Flo Post author

      Thank you, dear Julie! I think my ability to know when to move on has more to do with my transient personality, never feeling anywhere is a permanent home. At least it keeps me from accumulating lots of stuff! :)

  2. Cara B.

    Isn’t it wonderful to have someone actually listen to you? It sounds like life is on a good trajectory for you, Flo. Know that I am here with my own wicked body madness and can relate. I will be thinking of you!

    1. Flo Post author

      Yes, such a difference to be taken seriously than with that fruit loop. I’m going to message you right now to find out how things are going with you.

  3. Peggy

    I’m glad you are finally getting proper care – you certainly deserve that. I hope you get the right answers, the right plans, that you can enjoy your remaining time in Philly, and that a move to Richmond will provide a good change in your life.

  4. Ewen

    Good to hear from you Flo. That’s all positive news, especially the move to Richmond. Inch by inch is better than centimetre by centimetre – inches are much bigger ;)

    1. Flo Post author

      Hey there, Ewen! Thanks for the good words. True dat on your measurement philosophy, now I feel all sorts of accomplished. :)

    1. Flo Post author

      Thanks, Harry!! Very cool, I didn’t know that. It’s funny but a friend of mine in NYC who does voiceovers has started getting scripts from a studio in Richmond so between you and him, it’s like a sign. Ok, I’ll definitely make the effort to get involved in that side of things. Good stuff!

      You’re a peach, btw. xo

  5. julia lunn

    Hi. I happened across your site when I was googling B12 and potassium. Your post on that subject was helpful. I read something that you wrote a year or two ago about B12 absorption. One of your doctors told you that only vegans have trouble with B12 absorption. That is not true. Vegans have no access in their diets to B12. .. maybe they can get a little through seaweed. The issue of absorption has to do with a missing enzyme in the gut. If you have B12 issues and are only taking B12 pills you may still have problems.
    I have to give myself injections in order to absorb the B12. Those injections have saved my life. .. I am still struggling 10 months later and am now injecting myself every 2 weeks but I am a functional person again.
    I too am a distance runner.. mountain and trail runs. I have been vegetarian for almost 30 years. I turned veggie because meat, particularly beef, made me feel like I had food poisoning. I would be up several times at night running to the ladies room with terrible stomach cramps etc… Other foods high in B12 like Salmon effect me negatively also. They are often the foods I crave.
    There are 2 tests for B12.. the 2nd test called “ACTIVE” B12 is not given here in the US. Needless to say my numbers were 120 (with the US baseline at 200.. a ridiculously low baseline as you have noted) and 20 for Active B12.where the absolute bottom number should be 50.
    Your situation sounds really difficult. I too was depressed.. isolating myself etc.. in addition to all kinds of weird physical symptoms.
    My mother has Parksinsons.. if you would like more information from either of us. Please let me know.

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