Make A Slushy Ice Pack!

Heya folks, hope you had a good weekend with some fine running and other entertaining escapades.  My weekend brought a recovery 6 on Saturday and then yesterday, a 14-miler w/5 progression to Half pace, closing a 61mi week.

The 14 went well, though the progression was peppered with that negative brain chatter I can’t seem to stop.  “I’m afraid I can’t” or “I should be doing this better” does not help me, yet it’s constantly there for anything more than easy or recovery pace.  So I beseech the Running Gods, “Please, please, let this cycle crack the plateau and give me back some confidence.  Just a little something – like one of those runs I used to have where you’re going so fast but it feels mysteriously easy, or you average a wickedly low heart rate or gee I could do 3 more of those…something.”  please?

Or another thing those ole Running Gods could do is get rid of my ankle annoyance, which disappeared while I was Ibuprofening my groin last week, but now that I’m au naturel, it’s back and ain’t going anywhere.  Which leads me to this weekend’s entertaining little DIY project…

Ice Packs!
OK, so yeah, a bag of frozen peas makes a usable icepack.  But my favorite ice pack ever was a slushy gel one – it molded perfectly to the body’s nooks and crannies and seemed colder than anything.  Alas, I left it with Nick when we split, so lately I’ve been making do with a half-empty bag of crappy tasting green beans.

I’ve been wanting a proper ice pack, though – something sturdier and “real”, so I was looking around the web on Saturday and not liking the price tags on the fancy ones, when I happened upon a recipe for making your very own slush ice pack!

The Recipe
3 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol.  That’s it!

Pour the mixture into a ziplock (with at least one other one around it for leak insurance) or better yet, and what I did, get one of those comic strip looking ice packs at the drugstore because they don’t leak or sweat like a Ziplock will.  Stick it in the freezer overnight and voila!

Here’s my funny rubber icepack and some extra I put in a ziplock.  It’s green because I got wintergreen rubbing alcohol.  And it’s huge because I tried someone’s recipe of 2:1 which resulted in a very liquidy mix so I had to add a ton more water.

The rubber thing was definitely a good purchase ($11, but you can get them for 1/2 that online), it’s super sturdy and retains the cold well. As for attaching these (or any other ice packy thing) to a body part, I use a velcro IT Band strap I bought last year during my IT Band drama.  It makes a good clincher, but you can use a scarf, too.

Little tip on the recipe: if you want it to be less slushy, increase the water ratio – for a softer pack, add more alcohol.  Also, it’s toxic, so don’t go serving it in a daiquiri glass by mistake.

16 thoughts on “Make A Slushy Ice Pack!

  1. Rebecca

    You are a genius! I just have one of those cheepies from Walgreens, but yours is much better! Also, I really hope you get some good running luck this training cycle. I have a feeling you will… as you due :)

  2. aggie81

    Is the ankle joint or something else. If joint are you taking glucosamine and fish oil? I hit 43 miles for my most since Boston and starting to feel motivated again :)

  3. Flo Post author

    Thanks ladies! I’m just cheap.

    Aggie, yay on the motivation, soooo happy for you! Now start posting back in 3:20. It’s a tendon and/or bursitis issue, doesn’t bug during the runs (or at least works itself out, thank goodness). Yep on glucosamine (though I’ve halved the amount, said I’d go back to two but hadn’t…I will starting today) and I also take MSM.

  4. Karyn

    i have one of those blue ones too. i have no idea where it is but i should drag it out…

    also: i’m going to be in philly this week. i kept meaning to email you all last week butttt any suggestions as for running? or maybe, if it’s not too late notice, we could get together one morning?

    1. Flo Post author

      Definitely try to get up to the museum loop, it’s the best running around, truly beautiful.

      I’d love to get a run in with you but it’s a cutback week so the only non-quality, non-off days would be tomorrow, Thursday or Sunday…and I’m out the door at 5:45am to beat the heat (yet another week in the 90s). If any of that sounds possible, let’s do it! Otherwise, get up to the museum if you can.

  5. Jenn

    I swear by those ice packs! I always keep a set in my freezer. Another option if you have one of those seal a meal things (I do not but my Mother in Law does) is to make one with those seal a meal bags and heat seal the top. I found that after using my ice packs for a while, even with two bags, it started to leak, maybe the alcohol breaks down the zipper or something (?). I now have 3 bags on my most recent set but next time I am at my MIL’s house I am going to make a set with her seal a meal doohickie.

  6. Jim E

    I have one of those cartoon rubber things, and yes it’s great. I will have to try the mixture. Just now though, my cold-buddies are two frozen water bottles (home and work) that I roll my PF with.

    1. Flo Post author

      Yes, ma’am! That’s like the minimum mileage for solid Half training but unlike my marathon cycles, this time I’m being religious about cutbacks and rest – this week I’m only doing 45…2 whole days off! woohoo.

      I know it seems like “what’s the diff?” but it really does feel less of a drain. That 14 was my longest runs since Boston! Love it. :D

      1. Amy

        That’s awesome. I’m half training now, but really, really low mileage, since I’m a beginner. We’re talking 20 mpw here, 10 weeks out.

        1. Flo Post author

          That’s totally fine, you’ll have a great race, I’m sure. It all depends on your level (don’t want anyone to think I poo-poo smaller mileage, it’s just where I’m at).

  7. SteviH

    How do you think of these things? You always have something to post that is always a big help.

    Luv it, and I love you are finding your training to be so much more enjoyable. I know you are still waiting for that “awaking” run, but it will come to you in time (when you aren’t thinking of it).

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