Knowing When To Say When

When last I left, I mentioned this week would be a cutback and predicted around 75mi for the week, this figuring about a 20% cut.

Monday’s run, however, was quite the suck.  It was a measly single 7-miler that I cut to 6.5 which speaks volumes.  Tuesday’s runs were improved but still, I wasn’t having a good time due to: a painfully sore toe from having bought a too-small size of PureFlows (though I wasn’t willing to admit this till I had 100mi on them), tender calves from the previous week’s fast running, some lower back pain and an all-round pissy attitude.

None of these were terrible on their own but combined (and with that last item particularly) it was time for a day off.

My last rest day was 6 weeks ago so this was a no-brainer especially since it’s already a cutback week – it just means a larger cut than originally intended.  I’m totally fine with this since the goal of the week is not about seeing what I can “get away with” but to feel fresh and ready for another clump of high weeks.

So I returned to the road today with a single 8-miler. Physically, I was much better but for the first mile and a half, I wondered if I should have taken 2 days, I was still a tad pissy.  Then I got in the groove and it became a wonderful run.

Remember last week when working on arms it seemed to carry into my whole body with a feeling of “up, up, up”?  Well, I somehow locked into that again.  It’s weird but cool – my pace speeds up but my effort stays comfortable and it’s as if my entire posture becomes much better, taller.  Maybe by thinking of “air time” rather than “ground time” my hips are better positioned beneath me so my legs have more force to spring?  I dunno, but whatever it is, it’s effective. It also made for a fun run.

Aside from that, I’m very excited to be getting some CEP compression socks to review.  Those couple days with tender calves prompted me to consider compression socks as an addition to my injury-prevention collection.  Of course, self-PT is the first course of action but why not speed up the repair process with compression socks or calf-sleeves.  I’m not into the sausage look of sleeves so I posed the question on Facebook asking what compression socks were everyone’s favorite. CEP was in the majority and it turns out a friend of mine was able to hook me up with the company (thanks Martina!) so I should be getting them next week.

I also got a pair of Yaktrax to review but all we’ve had lately is one little snow shower, not enough to cover the paths so I’ve yet to try them out. Crossing my fingers for one good snowfall before Spring gets going.

Couple Cool Links
In unrelated news, here’s a fascinating podcast on marathon fueling that Coach A muse/Adam recommended and implemented in his successful come-back to marathoning just this last weekend.  The section on caffeine is especially interesting and something I’d be up for trying.

Also, someone posted this great article on massage on MRT.  It makes me think that foam rolling right after every run is something worth doing.  It’s not a personal masseuse but it’s the next best thing.

Speaking of, I finally got a new roller to replace my old cheapie Target thing. While I also own a trigger point roller and find it invaluable, it’s short and hard as hell which is effective but can be overkill. So I got this one from Runningwarehouse.  It’s the first time I’ve had a 36″ roller but it really is nice to not have to worry about repositioning yourself to keep from falling off.  Plus the density is great, I had read that black ones are firmer than the white so that’s why I got it.

And with that, you know I really, really hate the lame unfunniness of “that’s what she said” but…I guess this means I like ’em big, black and hard.  TWSS.

Sorry, couldn’t not do it.


6 thoughts on “Knowing When To Say When

  1. Paulski

    I don’t know how you do it; I practically live for my day off. I’m glad yours helped you recharge a little, and hope it propels you to an awesome spell of training.

    And confession time: I’ve never owned nor used a foam roller…

    1. Flo Post author

      Wow, I’ve heard of people like you, non-foam rolling freaks. I don’t know how you do it! If it wasn’t for that, I’d be screwed.

  2. Ewen

    You’re making me feel guilty that I don’t run hard enough to use a foam roller! Listening to the podcast now. Caffeine ‘loading’ was big for marathoning here back in the 80s. Deek used to have a strong coffee on the morning of a race. Apparently you’ve got to be ‘off caffeine’ for it to have the desired effect.

    I’m crossing my fingers so we get some warm days before winter gets going. It’s been an unusually mild summer, but great for running.

  3. Rebecca

    I’m sorry the Flows did that to you. :( I always have mixed feelings about cutback weeks. I LOVE the rest, but always feel like a lazy bum, too. Hope this week provides you the rest you need to overcome those niggles and your ‘pissy attitude.’ Haha.

  4. Greenlee

    I had a cheap target red one too and it started to look like an hour glass after a few months. Glad you got a new one and the CEP socks on the way. I love CEP– wearing mine right now! Sorry that your runs early this week weren’t the best. Glad you took a day off.

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