I Ran. Sort of.

I’ve got a little update today.

Medical-wise, I still don’t have all the results yet.  The blood tests and cervical MRI results were posted online and everything looks fine with that. The MRI reports some degeneration but nothing I didn’t know about already. Most importantly, no lesions.

What’s left is the results of the spinal tap and the evoked potentials, and since I didn’t receive a phone call, I assume nothing weird showed up in either.  When I left the doctor’s office at that initial appointment, she told me she likes to talk about results face to face, so I’ve got a May 29th appointment, but I went ahead and left a message on her machine today to see if she’ll tell me over the phone.

But the thing I want to report, as the title of this post gives away, is that I ran today!  I mean, I didn’t run run but I did jog back and forth a few times on a grassy area.

I had closed off the possibility of even doing that months ago.  I’d do little tests by trying to jog across the street but always felt the weird gait before I reached the other side. Then, with the numb feet thing (which sometimes happens on walks now) I’ve been all “Why bother trying? I’m falling apart”.  But today I went for a walk and was wearing some old running shorts and a tank and saw a stretch of soft green grass and just had to try, it was inescapable.  And it wasn’t terrible!  It was kind of amazing, actually.

Of course, the second I finished today’s little joggette, I was immediately dreaming of doing Couch-to-5K again but I’m going to try my best not to get too gung-ho just yet.  I don’t ever want to feel the way it felt before, so if that means there’s a threshold I need to stay under by sticking to a few yards here and there, that’ll be just fine. I’m just so happy I was able to do it at all.

No matter what the future holds – and the future is really a useless place to devote all your mental time, take it from me – I’m feeling a lot more hopeful than I have in months.  Maybe I don’t have to bag up that pile of running shoes by the door. And maybe I shouldn’t empty my running clothes drawer, after all. Maybe I’ll use them all again.  For real.

4 thoughts on “I Ran. Sort of.

  1. rovatti

    A few steps is all it takes sometimes to get something started…

    I’m still befuddled about you medical condition… Hopefully it will either go away or become clear with time as most things do.

    In the meantime, it seems your mind and your creative energy are in full swing.

    You’ve got to make a celebrity cameo appearance on MRT someday (before everyone forgets who their Queen is.)

    – rovatti

    (and “hey!” to doglb)

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