Back To Myself

Monday was, for the most part, a great run: 12mi at a quick, comfortable clip even though it was 75 degrees out (you know I love me some weather whippin’).  But my toe!! Oh my toe.  It was like running on razorblades the whole time.  Yesterday, I could only run 4mi, it hurt too much and I was changing my gait to compensate.  Very bad.

If squeamish, skip
When I got home from the failed run, I discovered that the main cause of pain was due to little blood blisters forming in the injury from knocking against the rubber surround of my shoe.
End of scary bit

So with a little help from my friendly box cutter and my oldest working pair of Mens Kinvaras, I chopped out a chunk of rubber, same as I used to have to do regularly with the Ladies Kinvaras but this time on the other foot. I also figured out how to wrap up the injury effectively – a physics problem which had eluded me from the start.  That one thing let me walk around town yesterday without a modicum of pain.  Finally!

So the worst is over.  I can’t wait to get back out there today, restarting the high mileage train I’d hopped upon before this slight derailment.  And I promise to never, ever, ever again cut the callous off my pinky toe.  Ever.

Aside from that, in completely unrelated news, Fran and I are no longer an item.  We’re still friends but I’m back to being a free agent in the world again.  It’s positive and all for the best (nothing drama worthy) but I thought I would mention it.  You know, in case some rich handsome dude reads this blog and wants to take me to the south of France or something.

10 thoughts on “Back To Myself

  1. Tobes

    Let’s see: Rich, no check
    handsome, eh not so much
    south of France, don’t like to fly
    Strike 3 :-(

  2. Tobes

    Blushing a little. And yeah, I am terminally married, (my wife said if I ever stepped out, she’d kill me) :-)
    game, set, match…
    And besides: if I was going to fly all that way, why stop at just the south? I’m going all the way to the north!

  3. Jim E

    Yup, under double-death-threat here (me plus whoever I was in dalliance with). I do know a couple of nice cheap hotels in Provence, though.
    Glad to hear the toe derailment is under control. Flo the shoe-hacker is at it again!

  4. Greenlee

    Ouch! I love picking at my toes, so this is a good word of caution for me. Sorry to hear things didn’t work out in the relationship but I am glad you guys are still friends!

  5. Joe Garland

    You’ll be happy, if not surprised, to hear that I skipped the not-for-the-squeamish part. Good thing. After I read this, I ran with two guys. One was rich but not handsome. The other handsome but, alas, not rich. Both are heading, separately, to Aix-en-Provence and were hoping to head there with someone from Philly (I didn’t say either was smart). I’d have mentioned you, but seeing as you’re looking for rich and handsome, I thought better of it.

    1. Flo Post author

      That was hilarious, but I will kill you when I finally meet you. A gal can compromise, you know.

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