About Me

FaceyMy name’s Flo Karp. In February 2007, at 45 years old, I embarked on a walk/run program called C25K or Couch To 5K. From the ass-end of winter through the beginning of Spring 2007, I learned how to run. Over the next couple years I became a sorta fast chick and completely immersed myself in the sport.

My last PR was in 2011, a Half Marathon in 1:32:10. I was so excited at my progress and knew there were more PRs to be had, but in March 2012 things went wonky. My legs stopped behaving normally (but only while running!) and I went to the ER thinking they’d say I was allergic to Claritin or some other innocuous thing, but they admitted me and kept me there for over a week.  In the end, they had a theory that it was liver-related, so one useless liver procedure later, I was back on the roads and dealing once again with this continued mystery.  Eventually, by October 2013, it got so bad I had to stop running.

Still haven’t a clue what it was/is about but I’ve begun to run again in earnest with modest hopes of a fabulous comeback. If nothing else, it means the blog lives on with more adventures from me ahead.

As far as my life outside of running, I’m owner and designer of Nifty Printables.  Check it out and while you’re it, visit (and Like!) my Nifty Printables Facebook Page too.